One piece: Zoro's 10 Best Fights, Ranked

Zoro Vs Ohm

One of the best fights in Skypiea was no doubt Zoro's battle against Ohm


Zoro Vs Monet

Zoro certainly isn't Sanji, and that's a mistake that Monet made when evaluating him


Zoro Vs Kaku

The battles against CP9 at Eneis Lobby were both long and existing. Zoro's fight sees him face off against Kaku


Zoro Vs Bounty Hunter

Zoro himself was once previously a bounty hunter, gaining the nickname "Pirate Hunter" Zoro due to hunting down pirates and turning them in for their bounties


Zoro Vs Ryuma

An unexpected and unique battle in one Piece was Zoro vs Ryuma, a zombie Ryuma that possessed the shadow of Brook


Zoro Vs Dracula Mihawk

Though Zoro's duel against Mihawk was far in Mihawk's favor with Zoro not landing a single hit, it was still an excellent battle


Zoro Vs Killer

Zoro's fight against Killer is somewhat less memorable in the manga, but in the anime is animated beautifully with bright visuals


Zoro Vs Mr. One

Zoro's battle against Mr. One is still an incredibly memorable fight and one that is always discussed when fans talk about Zoro's best fights


Zoro Vs Kaido

The Supernovas facing off against the two Emperors, Kaido and Big Mom, is no doubt one of the best fights of the Wano arc


Zoro Vs King

Zoro's best fight in One Piece also happens to be his most recent one against King


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