7 The curious and lesser-known facts about Queen Elizabeth 

Two Birthday

Queen Elizabeth ll had two birthdays as her actual birthday was on April 21 which was held in private and an official public declaration on the second Tuesday in June


First Monarch To Send An Email

In the year 1976, Queen Elizabeth II became the first Royal to send and e-mail. On March 26, 1976 when she visited the telecommunication research centre 


Elizabeth II served in World War II

Queen Elizabeth II also became the first and the only woman in the history of the British Royal family to serve in the World War


Queen Elizabeth II learned hoe to fire

When she was just 14 years old She Learn hoe to shoot a gun  


No need passport to Travel

Queen Elizabeth II did not need a passport to travel. It was one of many privileges that the Queen of England enjoyed


Elizabeth II was a trained mechnic

After she got into the Army during World War II, Queen Elizabeth II learned how to change truck wheels  


Allowed to drive without licence

As the Queen of England, Elizabeth II was allowed to drive without licence in the country 


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