10 Best Video Game Voice Actors

Troy Baker

One of the most versatile actors in the voiceover business, Troy Baker has done voice work for hundreds of games since the early 2000s


Grey DeLisle Griffin

Grey DeLisle Griffin is still an incredible talent whose skills are well appreciated by her peers


Armin Shimerman

his signature squawk quickly found acclaim when he took on the role of Dr. Nefarious in the Rachet and Clank franchise


Steve Blum

Steve Blum is one the most accomplished vocalists in the video game industry


Liam O'Brien

"Liam O'Brien has the most fantastic voice," that enhance every game it's featured in


Jen Taylor

Though not as prolific as some in the business, Jen Taylor is consistently praised for her vocal performances by gamers


Roger Craig Smith

" It's a minor part compared to many of Smith's other roles, but it perfectly encapsulates why the actor is so great. 


Matthew Mercer

Matthew Mercer has made a name for himself across both animation and video games


Nolan North

A mere glance at his filmography proves this considering the vast differences between the likes of Nathan Drake, Deadpool


Jennifer Hale

Hale's range as an actor can best be evidenced by the variety of parts she has played 


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