10 Best Vampire TV Series, According To Reddit

True Blood

True Blood earned a reputation for being one of the best series on HBO. With its sexy edginess, its compelling characters 


The Vampire Dairies

The Vampire Dairies is as much about its human characters as it is about the bloodsucking creatures of the night


Being Human

It is skilled blending of both horror and comedy, and the series" brilliance lies in its ability to keep these two elements of its story 


The Strain

The Strain, which strips away the romantic trappings of vampire mythology to reveal the brutal, ugly, and gory biology beneath.



That shows was awesome, and while vampires many not have been the focus all the time, it was still fantastic


The Original

Few spinoffs have achieved quite the level of success as The Originals, which is a series that emerged from the success of The Vampire Dairies.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy The Vampire Slayer remains one of the most well-known and popular vampire series to this day 


Midnight Mass

Midnight Mass was hailed as a hidden gem on Netflix. Set on a remote island, it focuses on a priest who brings a vampire back to his congregation


What We Do In The Shadow

It follows a group of vampires and long-suffering familiar Guillermo as they try to live and adapt to the modern world.



Though many spin-offs consistently struggle to attain the creative heights of their predecessors, this is not true of Angle  


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