These are the 10 best cozy mystery shows according to reddit. 

Father Brown 

Light but still entertaining, Father Brown combined Two British television subgenres into a perfect mixture  


Agatha Raisin

Falling more heavily into comedy than drama , Agatha Raisin is nevertheless a perfect cozy mystery program.


My Life Is Murder 

Turning the tropes from some of the best movies about private investigators on their ear, My Life is Murder took the typically dark genre in a cozier direction 


Midsomer Murder  

Having firmly established itself as a fixture of British TV, Midsomer Murder is also considered on of the best mystery shows of all time.


The Doctor Blake Mysterie  

Sleuthing doctors are a dime-a-dozen in the mystery genre, but The Doctor Blake Mysteries improved on a format.


Murdoch Mysterie   

While most police procedurals push the boundaries of forensic science to its limits, Murdoch Mysteries turned back the clock to the dawn of the art form. 


Agatha Christie's Marple   

The classic works of author Agatha Christie were adapted numerous times of British TV, and the 2000s series Marple was a highlight.  


The Brokenwood Mysterie    

Cozy mysteries are often tied to their locations deeply, and the setting can make or break a show in the long run. 


The Mallorca File    

Using the beautiful Spanish island of Mallorca as its setting, The Mallorca Files is unique yet familiar to the average cozy mystery expert.  


Rosemary & Thyme  

Perhaps the coziest of all cozy mysteries, Rosemary & Thyme has rarely been matched in its fuzzy warmth.


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